Interviewing at AX

Interested in what exactly will happen once you've sent us your application? Look no further, on this page you'll learn about the steps of our interviewing process, consisting of 4 interviews focusing on different topics each. We're working fully remote, so all your interviews will take place over Zoom.

0. Send us some information about yourself

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1. Have a short 21 min screening interview with our CTO

In your first interview you will meet our CTO and co-founder Robert and talk about your application, who we are looking for to fill our open positions, and if that matches your direction. We'll also talk briefly about the interviewing process, any open questions you might have, and schedule dates for all following interviews with you.

2. Get to know our product, tech and processes

Your second interview focuses on giving you an insight into our product you will help improve, what value we provide to our customers, the technologies you'll be working with, and how we work together and organize ourselves to reach our goals.

This interview is the best opportunity to find out if you find our product interesting, our field of work challenging, and our tech stack and way of working appealing, so ask lots of questions!

You'll be joined by our CTO Robert and your mentor-to-be from the same discipline as you. This meeting will take 1.5 hours.

3. Meet the team

Want to get to know your future colleagues? Because they surely want to meet you!
In this last interview we talk about what makes us tick and our working atmosphere. The team will probably have some questions for you and we'll answer any you might still have.
Feel free to nerd out about your hobbies!

This interview is also timeboxed to 1.5 hours but will be a larger one, expect between 5 to 10 participants.

4. Technical Interview

We need to know what you can do and how you think, and the final interview is about just that.

We would like to have a look at something you built and read some code you wrote. Either:

A) Something existing

You provide us with some existing project/design/code of yours we can have a look at. This can be some git(hub) repository or a tar/zip file. Ideally the code should be runnable locally or be already online for us to try it out.
Choose something that you think shows of some of your skills.


B) A coding challenge

Don't worry if you don't have anything you can share with us, you can also do one of our coding challenges.
We don't want to watch you code live, you can solve our challenge at your own time, but you should not spend more than 4 hours on it, even if you did not finish.
You will probably have questions, which is why we'll invite you to a slack channel, where you can ask as many questions as you like, and offer an optional kickoff call. Have a look at our frontend coding challenge to get an idea of what you can expect.

The actual interview

The interview proper is divided into two roughly equal parts.
In the first part we'll discuss the something you brought with you or your solution to our coding challenge. We're interested in how you approached the problem and how you arrived at your solution and will ask you questions about implementation details.
The second part of the interview focuses on broader topics not specific to your brought code or the coding challenge. We will discuss things like code maintainability, team communication, your favorite tool to use and much more.

There will be zero live coding or whiteboard shenanigans.
You will have this 2h timeboxed interview with your mentor-to-be and another team member close to your technical field.

5. Get an offer and sign your contract

If we think you'll be a good fit for our team, you will receive an offer. blah blah

start date

6. Start your 6 month probationary period

get onboarded into the team and the product by your mentor

Receive and give regular feedback from your manager and your mentor

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